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Voumvakis  Panagiotis
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Voumvakis Architectural Photography

Voumvakis Panagiotis

Based in Greece.


I am an architecture and design photographer based in Athens, Greece and working with engineers, architects, designers, artists and journalists.

With a long-lasting passion for design and form and a track record of projects throughout mainland Greece and the islands, I strive to produce captivating architectural images and video. My work involves high-end residence, architectural photography and hotel and leisure space photography.

What pleasure I take in architectural photography consists of approaching each work with a different tactic. My aim is to not simply record my object, but to present it in such a way that it becomes self-evident. I work on three axes. I take advantage of all the peculiarities of the structure, composition and geometry of shapes, exploit the natural environment and bring out the light. The ultimate goal in my images is for the recipient to be aesthetically moved either by the structure or by the image itself.

With the ample display of cutting-edge and inspiring architecture that’s sprung in Greece in recent years, I find my work more exciting than ever before. As no two structures or interiors are identical, I learn something new with every photoshoot. I keep my approach personal and pro-active, offering options that are aesthetically pleasing and as accurate as possible to the expectations of my clients.


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Voumvakis Architectural Photography
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